Things Only Californians Would Understand

The “Cali”


Hearing the word Cali when used to refer to California can make a Californian cringe. It’s almost a sure way of knowing that someone is not from California.  Cali is a city in Columbia; California is the state on the West Coast of the United States.  Unless you’re a rapper or a teenager from out of state trying too hard to be cool by using what he/she thinks is local Californian slang, it’s always better to use California or CA.


The difference between Northern vs Southern California

california divided

California is a very diverse state and there are big differences between Northern and Southern California. So much so that it can feel like two different states when traveling from one area to another.
In terms of climate, Northern CA generally has cooler temperatures while Southern CA is a lot warmer and drier. The North has the redwood forests, mountains, and lakes. The South has the deserts and beaches.
Northern CA is more liberal while Southern CA tends to be conservative in comparison.
People dress more casually in San Diego and LA. With the warmer weather, shorts and flip flops are a common sight everywhere all year long.


The word “hella”

hella california

Hella- a word originating from the Bay Area, used as an adverb or pronoun to describe a high magnitude or quantity of something. It comes from “a hell of a lot” and can be used like “really”, “very”, or “many”. Ex.: “It’s hella hot” or “I just ate hella food”. You can tell what part of California someone is from by their reaction to the word hella.


 The glorious moment when the freeways are clear


California, more specifically Southern California, is notorious for its heavy traffic congestion. We’re all used to sitting in heavy traffic at some point during our daily commutes, so on those rare heaven-sent days when the roads are clear and a 20 minute drive actually takes 20 minutes, it can seem like the most glorious thing ever leaving you in a peaceful bliss until you’re stuck in traffic again on your commute home.


Under 70 degrees is cold weather

california cold weather

Californians are spoiled when it comes to weather, especially if they’re from Southern California where it’s generally warm and sunny all year long. Whenever the temperature dips below 70° F, locals will bring out the sweaters and pants, while tourists bask in what they consider warm weather in shorts and t-shirts.


Undying love for California

california flag

How do you know someone is from California? Don’t worry they’ll tell you. Californians love their state and won’t hesitate to let others know. Outsiders might ask why anyone would want to live in a state where earthquakes and wildfires are common, where taxes and the cost-of-living are some of the highest in the nation, or where traffic and air pollution is a big problem. But California has so much to offer that the problems pale in comparison to all the positives and that’s something only a Californian would understand.